Registration and other Fees:

The following CRN, Litter registration, and other fees are effective as of Feb. 1, 2017:

1) CRN Registration $60.00

2) Litter Registration $20.00

3) Transfer of Ownership $10.00

4) Certified Pedigree certificate $40.00

5) Change of name $50.00


Members of SPDBS receive a 50% discount.

Method of payment:

PayPal is preferred


Mail to:

Ken Stahli, SPDBS Treasurer

3527 W Bluefield Ave

Glendale, AZ  85308


PayPal is accessible using gro.d1550577365erbtr1550577365esed@1550577365rerus1550577365aert1550577365 as the recipient email address.

Membership applications are available by contacting the Secretary at Âgro1550577365.derb1550577365trese1550577365d@yra1550577365terce1550577365s1550577365 and on the website