Form for Critiquing

Step By Step Guide​​ to​​ Filling​​ out​​ SPDBS​​ Critique Form


 If your critique is part of a hosted event please enter the name of the​​ hosting club at the top of the form, city, state and date of the critique.


  • Full​​ name​​ of the Saluki as it will be registered or is currently registered

  • Case Number (CN).​​ if you have received this from the Registrar;​​ fill in otherwise leave blank

  • Check sex of the Saluki

  • Enter the Birthdate of the Saluki

  • Color, pattern​​ and markings of dog, please note the color as well as the white markings and if the Saluki is a Parti Color, Irish Marked, Grizzle or Brindle or any combination of the aforementioned.

  • Enter the Owner of the Saluki at the time of the Critique, the email address and the physical mailing address.

  • Check if the Saluki had been DNA parentage verified.

  • Enter any tattoo the Saluki may have, leave blank if there are none.

  • Enter the Microchip number, leave blank if none.

Registrar’s Box is left blank

Part 3 is to be filled out by the Judge

Be sure the box for Pure bred Saluki yes/no has one selection checked, the Judge has signed, the Judge has clearly printed their name, the Judges ID# is clearly legible and dated.

The ORIGINAL of this form is to be returned to the SPDBS Registrar. ​​ It is recommended that USPS Priority Mail be used WITHOUT a signature requirement. PLEASE MAKE COPIES FOR YOUR FILES.


Critique Form