Name Change

Step By Step Guide​​ to​​ Filling​​ out​​ SPDBS​​ Change of Name Request


  • A Saluki who has NOT produced or sired an SPDBS registered litter.​​ and is whelped in the USA​​ may be eligible for a name change.

  • Enter​​ the​​ SPDBS CRN number of The Saluki.

  • Enter the Registered Name of the Saluki as it appears on the current registration.

  • Enter the​​ current registered owner(s) of the Saluki.​​ 

  • Enter the new name requested for the Saluki.

  • If the Saluki was named by the litter owner​​ who​​ is the FIRST owner of the Saluki and not the current owner, their signature is required in this section as well as and co-owner of the litter.

  • All owners MUST sign.

  • Return the signed​​ Name Change Request​​ Form to the Registrar with the needed fee.

  • The new SPDBS Pedigree will be emailed or surface mailed if requested to the NEW owner(s). Name changes are not guaranteed.​​ 


July​​ 2017


Name Change Form