Critique Registration Number (CRN) application

After your critiques use this form to request a Critique Registration Number for a Saluki seeking Registration with SPDBS.  CRN Application form 

You will return this form AND your photos AND the original, completed and signed critique forms to the Registrar.  Use this link to pay for your CRN number.  CRN Payments page


Step By Step Guide to Filling out SPDBS Critique Registration Number Application

  • Enter full name of the Saluki as it will be registered or is currently registered (40 character limit, including hyphens and spaces)
  • Check sex of the Saluki
  • Enter the Birthdate of the Saluki, its age, whether it is a Smooth or Feathered coat type.
  • Enter the Salukis color, pattern and markings, please note the color as well as the white markings and if the Saluki is a Parti Color, Irish Marked, Grizzle or Brindle or any combination of the aforementioned.
  • Enter any Countries or Organizations the Saluki already has registration with such as but not limited to FCI, KC, ANKC.
  • Enter the country where the Saluki was whelped.
  • Enter the country of the nearest Desert bred ancestor.
  • Enter the Sire’s registered name.
  • Enter the country where the Sire was whelped and his Registration if known. Registration number can be unknown.
  • Enter his Owner and breeder if known.
  • Enter the Dam’s registered name.
  • Enter the country where the Dam was whelped and her Registration number. Registration number can be unknown.
  • Enter her Owner and Breeder if known.
  • Enter if the Saluki has been DNA Parentage typed, if yes enter the Profile number.
  • Enter if the Saluki has permanent Identification and if so the number.
  • The next section is filled out by the SPDBS Registrar.
  • Signature of the Owner or and Authorized Agent is required here.
  • Enter the Owner of the Saluki at the time of the Critique, the physical mailing address, a telephone contact, and email address. Owner Number will be filled in by the Registrar.
  • Return this application to the SPDBS Registrar or the SPDBS Secretary.