Form for Critiquing

Step By Step Guide to Filling out SPDBS Critique Form

Critiques are set up by the SPDBS Registrar’s Committee and this form will be provided. ANY and ALL Critiques MUST be approved by the SPDBS Registrar’s Committee.  Failure to get approval can result in the Critique not being accepted.


  • Full name of the Saluki as it will be registered or is currently registered
  • Case Number (CN). if you have received this from the Registrar; fill in otherwise leave blank
  • Check sex of the Saluki
  • Enter the Birthdate of the Saluki
  • Color, pattern and markings of dog, please note the color as well as the white markings and if the Saluki is a Parti Color, Irish Marked, Grizzle or Brindle or any combination of the aforementioned.
  • Enter the Owner of the Saluki at the time of the Critique, the email address and the physical mailing address.
  • Check if the Saluki had been DNA parentage verified.
  • Enter any tattoo the Saluki may have, leave blank if there are none.
  • Enter the Microchip number, leave blank if none.

Registrar’s Box is left blank

Part 3 is to be filled out by the Judge

Be sure the box for Pure bred Saluki yes/no has one selection checked, the Judge has signed, the Judge has clearly printed their name, the Judges ID# is clearly legible and dated.

The ORIGINAL of this form is to be returned to the SPDBS Registrar by the owner.  It is recommended that USPS Priority Mail be used WITHOUT a signature requirement. PLEASE MAKE COPIES FOR YOUR FILES.

Critique Form