Litter Registration

Step By Step Guide to Filling out the SPDBS Litter Registration Application

Use this form to request Registration for a new litter whelped by a SPDBS registered Saluki bitch or sired by a SPDBS registered dog. This is the beginning of the SPDBS registration process and will provide a Case Number for each puppy for the purposes of initiating the Registration process.

  • Enter the number of living puppies after whelping by sex and the date of birth.
  • Enter the registered name of the sire, his registration number and his DNA certificate number.
  • Enter the registered name of the dam, her registration number and her DNA certificate number.
  • If your litter is the result of an artificial insemination with frozen or chilled semen please contact the registrar. You should still submit this form.
  • The owner/s of the sire should enter the location the breeding took place and ALL dates of breeding. The owner/s of the sire should print and sign their name.
  • The owner/s of the dam or lessees of the dam should enter their name/s, primary contact address. Telephone number, e-mail, and Fax number if applicable.
  • ALL the dam owners should print and sign the form.
  • Return this application to the SPDBS Registrar or the SPDBS Secretary. You may enclose payment with this application or use PayPal (preferred).

REMEMBER Both sire and dam MUST be DNA Typed through AKC BEFORE progeny may be registered. SPDBS strongly recommends this be done PRIOR to breeding.

Litter Registration Form