Ownership Transfers

Step By Step Guide to Filling out SPDBS Transfer of Ownership

  • Enter the date the transfer of the Saluki took place, If you do not put a date the Registrar will use the date this form is received.
  • Enter the Registered Name of the Saluki as it appears on the current registration.
  • Enter the birthdate of the Saluki
  • Check sex of the Saluki
  • List the color, pattern and markings of dog, please note the color as well as the white markings and if the Saluki is a Parti Color, Irish Marked, Grizzle or Brindle or any combination of the aforementioned.
  • Check if the Saluki has a Microchip, Tattoo or is DNA Parentage verified, more than one may be selected.
  • Fill out details for the CURRENT Owner/s
  • All owners MUST sign
  • Fill out the details for the New Owners
  • All owners MUST sign
  • Return the signed Transfer Form to the Registrar within SIX MONTHS with the needed fee.
  • The new SPDBS Pedigree will be emailed or surface mailed if requested to the NEW owner(s)

Ownership Transfer Form