Request for Critique Panel

Step By Step Guide to Filling out SPDBS Application for a Critique

Directions for filling out the Form are below.

Use this form to request a Critique(s) for a Saluki seeking Registration with SPDBS    Request Panel Form

  • Enter full name of the Saluki as it will be registered or is currently registered
  • Check sex of the Saluki
  • Enter the Birthdate of the Saluki, its age, whether it is a Smooth or Feathered coat type.
  • Enter the Salukis color, pattern and markings, please note the color as well as the white markings and if the Saluki is a Parti Color, Irish Marked, Grizzle or Brindle or any combination of the aforementioned.
  • Enter the country where the Saluki was whelped.
  • Enter the Sire’s registered name.
  • Enter the country where the Sire was whelped and his Registration if known. This can be unknown.
  • Enter the Dam’s registered name.
  • Enter the country where the Dam was whelped and her Registration number. This can be unknown
  • The next section is filled out by the SPDBS Registrar.
  • Signature of the Owner or and Authorized Agent is required here.
  • Enter the Owner of the Saluki at the time of the Critique, the physical mailing address, a telephone contact, and email address.
  • Return this application to the SPDBS Registrar or the SPDBS Secretary.