What we know about the ancient breed known today as the Saluki or Tazi is perhaps only exceeded by what we do not know.  Archeology tells us he has skimmed the sands and rocks of the Middle East and Asia as long as man has had the tools to record his presence. His origins are so distant, that at this time they are unknown.  Each new find of lost civilizations brings wondrous new knowledge and new questions, but what remains constant is the place he held, the perfect hunting companion.

As we extol each new discovery of what has been lost in time, it is urgent we work together to ensure the place he has held for thousands of years remains, and he too, does not become merely the dust of a distant time.

This section is what we hope will be an ever-expanding library of all things Saluki, resources for those inclined to journey into the history and the science of what we have learned and images that have been left behind.

The Practice of Ear Cropping



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