Archived SPDBS Newsletters

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Fall 2004

  • A Pictorial A Day in the Life of Sadeeki   
  •  Saluki Coats-Types and Colors by Gertrude Hinsch, Ph.D.

Summer 2005 

  • Falling for Syria by Micaela Lehtonen
  • Regional Pictures of Syrian Saluki
  • A Report on the Syrian Saluki Show-2005 by Sir Terence Clark
  • Ears and Collars on Syrian Saluki by Sir Terence Clark
  • A Visit with Jeanne Menning by Sir Terence Clark
  • Tribal Syrian Saluki in USA by Gertrude Hinsch, Ph.D.

Winter 2006

  • Memorial for James Green
  • What’s in a name? by Gertrude Hinsch, Ph.D.
  • Kurdish Tazi in Iran by Sir Terence Clark
  • The Tajee of southeastern Turkey by Mary Beth Rogers
  • Images from Kazakhstan and Egypt from Andrey Kovalenko, Oleg Belyalov, Steve Bodio, and Jutta Ruebesam
  • Tazis Imported from Iran by the Sattarzadeh Brothers
  • Stamps by Lorraine Trenholm
  • A Tribute to Sagi Az Miandoab by Gerd Andersson